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«e-ΤΗΕΜΙΣ» : Justice in the Cyber World

The association e-Themis was established in 2009, from attorneys – members of the Bar Association of Athens and other cities as well. Our primary focus is on the interaction between law and technology and especially in the cyber world. However, through our activities we seek to promote dialogue in every area spanning the law. Every attorney, trainee or law graduate can become our member.

Our first related effort was made by creating our website, ethemis.gr, in 2005, as recent graduates from Law School, by addressing mostly young colleagues. Our motive was to fill the gap in online legal information. After a short period of time  our activities expanded, in an effort to tackle the everyday problems of the legal profession, through various interventions to the institutional organs. The need to enhance our effort led to the creation of our association in 2009, taking into account the fact that a mere website was inadequate for our purposes.

Today we seek to play a major role in a collective effort to attain the following goals: to promote scientific dialogue, to shape a new perspective, focused on participatory and selfless action in favor of the legal science and consequently of society. Our only ambition is to become a source of relevant initiatives, jointly with anyone who shares the same beliefs.

In order to promote our statutory purpose, we have organized a significant number of events. Prominent position among them hold our legal conferences and symposia as well as non-legal discussions, dealing with current social issues.

Until now our association has organized 3 annual conferences:

The subject of our first conference was “Internet as an area of creativity, freedom and license: protection and violation of private life”. It took place in Arachova on the 5th, 6th and 7th of March 2010. Among our prominent speakers were the Professor of the Law School of Athens, former vice-Rector I. Karakostas as well as the President of the Bar Association of Athens D. Paxinos. The event was fully crowded with hundreds of judges, attorneys and trainees.

The second e-Themis conference titled “facing the contemporary technological advancements: private data – electronic crime – e-commerce”. It took place in Arachova on the 11th and 12th of March 2011. Among our prominent speakers were representatives of the academic, legal and judicial world as well as members of the pertinent authorities. This event was also honoured by numerous participants.

The third e-Themis conference titled “law in the digital era: Modern forms of crime – Protection of personality – E-commerce”. It took place in Volos on the 9th and 10th of March 2012 with the cooperation of the Volos Bar Association. This event demonstrated the potential of e-Themis for the organisation of activities outside Athens and the nearby areas. It attracted hundreds of attorneys, judges and trainees from all over Greece.

 Except from the conferences, our association has also organised:

On the 2nd November 2011 our association organised successfully a symposium with the subject: Anonymity in the internet”. The symposium took place in the premises of the Athens Bar Association. It dealt with the related decision of the Ministry of Justice to form a special committee with the task to study the amendment of the law 2225/1994 concerning the electronic crime and the waiver of confidentiality in the context of the legislator’s will to alter significantly the existing legal regime governing the internet.

Furthermore, we organized events focusing on non-legal matters, in an effort to raise awareness on social and political issues and to expand our activities beyond the mere legal realm.

In the Cultural Centre of Athens, on the 26th of November 2010 we chose to focus on the major topic that beleaguers every Greek citizen’s life, the adoption of the MOU and IMF’s intervention in our political scene. A new era began for our country and as young professionals we thought necessary to assess it. The subject was: “23 April 2010, Greece activates the IMF-EU support mechanism, a milestone for Greek Democracy. Political and legal implications and ramifications”

Moreover, on the 11th June 2010 we sought to explore the causes of Greece’s financial hurdle and ascertain possible solutions, from a philosophical and pragmatical rather than a legal perspective. The event was organized with the precious support of Prof. Emeritus K. Mpeis, widely known for his wider activities and was held at his premises. The subject was: “I am co-responsible. Participate – Shape – Influence. The actual causes of the crisis”

Returning to our website, ethemis.gr, the successor of our previous website indubio.gr, it was launched in September 2010 and has been running since. Based solely on the will of the editorial team and the members of our organization to contribute and participate, to provide credible information and to act, soon managed to earn the trust and attention of a large part of the legal community. Despite our relatively short presence, we attract daily over 3.000 unique visitors from all over Greece

Although these are our first steps, we trust that our activities will be significantly expanded in the coming years. That’s why we always seek for people willing to sacrifice their free time in order to support our join efforts.

It’s up to us to make an impact and we seek to take advantage of our experiences and build upon them.



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